Markets Today :

  • EUR/USD1.0846 (+0.4697%)
  • EUR/JPY119.6790 (-0.4202%)
  • GBP/USD1.2520 (+0.4267%)
  • AUD/USD0.7620 (-0.0210%)
  • USD/CAD1.3336 (-0.3229%)
  • USD/CHF0.9877 (-0.3229%)
  • USD/CNY6.8802 (+0.0000%)
  • NZD/USD0.7045 (+0.2847%)


What is it? It's a leading indicator of consumer inflation - when businesses pay more for labor the higher costs are usually passed on to the consumer.

When? At 8:30am Eastern Time.

Trading Tip: If the actual number is higher than the forecast, you can expect the USD to rise.

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