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This is how it all started

Binary Options – trading that is easy to master

“In the beginning the stock markets controlled the earth and the dealing rooms were shapeless and full of chaos and the fog of economy covered the land”. “The book of Wallstreet, 1.1”.

That was the story, since the beginning of the 20’Th century trading was a privilege kept for few, no one really knew what it is, how it works and why it works. They knew one thing and one thing only, they want it! Now when I say “want it” I mean that was a life goal, a fantasy, a legend, some dark secret that made people jump from windows and rooftops, magic!

Now the thing is, in order to get it, in order to trade you needed money, and a lots of it, Dollars, Yens, Dinars, Gold Silver whatever. MONEY! And then you needed a wizard, someone that understands how the magic works, someone that traveled to the other side and came back, a BROKER they called him, a fierce warrior with a shining suit, a tie, a pair of polished shoes and sometimes a hat to match, a gold watch wouldn’t hurt either.

Once you had both (money and broker) you were in, you could put all your hard worked money and hopes and dreams in to his hands and trust him, because he had the knowledge …. Right? I mean how bad was it back in those days that people just put life savings in to stranger’s hands hoping for the best? Buying a dream that lasts only until the expiry rate is done? Don’t get me wrong, a lot of people got rich from trading. Stocks, currencies, commodities and so on, but they usually had an advantage, financial advantage. Like in any business, and yes, investing is a business (and you should treat it that way) you need money to make money, the more you got the more chance you have to make even more, confused? Allow me to explain, let’s take the Poker table for example, a cash game to be more accurate, if I play with $10000 and my opponent has $100 only, there is no way he can bluff me out! His “all in” is a bug on my windshield, and even if he survives somehow, the blinds will eventually kill him unless he will be super extra mega lucky (not likely). The same logic applies in trading as well, the more you have the more you can hold on in the big waves, the market movements. It’s simple, the bigger your boat is waves bother you less.

Until the internet revolution began, I will skip the introduction about “What is the internet?” because if you are reading this you are probably online (unless it just came to you in a dream, in that case meet me at Kew Foot Rd Richmond TW9 2TE London UK, same time tomorrow).

In the new era of internet trading became more accessible to the people, now there is no need to call your broker and tell him “Sell/Buy” and hope that he will execute the order on time, you do everything by yourself and online, and the brokers evolved in to online platforms and trading mentors that assist and teach you instead of keeping that “holly” (or “unholy” that’s not up to me to decide) knowledge to themselves. All trading methods came online, stock trading, forex trading, gold trading, shares, you name it, but one thing didn’t change…MONEY!!! Yes, you still need it, and plenty of it. Until Binary Options, binary options brought a new way for traders to interact with the market, simple for the people who seek simplicity and sophisticated Fibonacci retracements machine for those who seek the technical and more analyzed trading methods.

The deal is simple, up or down, just choose the expiry time and shoot. What is more appealing is the money part, you don’t need much. The more the better obviously but now every over 18 person in the world can experience with as low as $100 (and trade even with $1 per trade).

The evolution of the trading concept since the internet was invented removed the middle man and the big money obstacle it has also removed the Geo obstacle, now a trader in Australia can easily trade the GBP (great British pound) or the US Apple stock though those assets are not being traded in the local stock exchange.

So that’s makes the trader a wizard, trading for 1 hour 60 seconds or once month long trades with different strategies (and there is plenty of strategies) 100 and more types of trading assets, things that the old brokers couldn’t even do. The different brokers (platforms) offers usually around 85% payout for every winning trade (the trader decides the amount by himself) and some of them provide a 10% safety net for losing trades among other tools like “double up”,” rollover” and “buyout”.

It is appealing, the idea of making money on a daily basis, deciding your own money management strategy and making smart decisions after analyzing the market by yourself, “be a broker kit” I call it, rent the “wolf of wall street” on Blu-ray, press the play button and start trading. And if you don’t have a Blu-ray player, trade a little and get enough money to buy it! Sounds good right? Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, like everything that involves money it involves risk, adrenalin, emotions, decision making, and consequences. This is not a roulette game; this is not lottery. You actually have to take responsibility for your actions, good and bad, there is no one to blame here just as there will be no one to blame if you play “all in” with a 7 and a 2!

I traded myself, still do, my friends also trade, and I can tell you that I saw grown men cry and poor men get rich. The world has changed and keep on changing, and every time it changes people benefit, be skeptical but try all the world has to offer. There is much left unsaid about binary options here, strategies and ways to analyze the market, money management and how to choose a broker, signal services and auto bot’s and much more than just cannot be written in 1 article, but hey, this way you have something to look forward to ;).

In conclusion I will just say that binary options added a new dimension to my online money making vocabulary and saved me and many others long trips to the bank (I use to trade stocks through my bank account).