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Trading made easy

There are many ways of trading used to trade binary options. 

However, investors first need to find out which of the binary options trading this broker.

For example, you can trade the following binary options: Option "above or below» («above» or «below»), also called options "call" and "put» («call» and «put»), the so-called range of options - " Hit "or" Miss »(« hit »or« miss ») and options such as" one-touch »(« one touch options »). For each of the types of options you can find their "pros" and "cons", however, in most cases, treydling options allows investors, trading with friends, participate in market trading process. Earlier trade binary options were available exclusively to enterprise customers.

The most commonly traded options such as "above or below» («above» or «below») or as they are referred to as "call" and "put» («call» and «put»). Purchase option of the "higher or lower" allows the investor to choose the price of an option with respect to which he intends to speculate on increasing or improving the market (price, strike price) for a certain time period. On some brokers trading options for razlichnyeb intervals. In the example below, you can see that the broker offers you the opportunity to trade options on the DAX and NASDAQ markets during the week. But beyond this, the broker can also be purchased and day numerous options market instruments. Most of the brokers also offer you and options, which can be traded in the hourly range, which trade on the ends 15 minutes prior to the expiry of their term.

In order to work with this type of option (assuming that you have got the minimum amount due on the broker), all you need to - it's just click on the "call" or "put" and you will begin the process of options trading. Upon completion of the transaction, at a certain time, you will still be able to see the results. Not all brokers offer investors the opportunity to get out of the deal before it is completed at the moment of purchase options "call" or "put".

For example, the investor gets the option "call" for the currency pair USD / JPY at 11 am EST (EST), at the same time the main market price of the asset (which, at the same time it is and the price of an option) is 90 to for completion of the contract at 3:30 am EST on (EST). At 12 midnight (EST) the investor observes that the price of a pair of 91, but in this type of transaction, it will not be able to sell the option prior to the term of its implementation in order to benefit from this transaction. Trading options is dependent on the time of discharge (or execution) contract for the option. In this situation, you can benefit by using exclusively hedging risks. On the broker AnyOption you have prepared a new service that allows traders to benefit in situations of this type. This service is a terrific tool, the use of which investors, trading binary options, it makes sense to think about. After all, this feature allows them to benefit from the auction. The only comment about the use of this service, which investors need to take into account - is the following fact: in order to have time to capitalize on the position, you will have to pay a premium.

Another popular type of binary options - options is "touch» («touch»). With this type of trade binary options is determined by the outcome of the transaction reaching (or not reaching) a barrier that allows the investor to make a deal with the development of the market in a certain direction (when the market reaches a certain level). The broker of the same type as the AnyOption, investors are asked to select a certain barrier or threshold, as well as the expiry date of the transaction. Sometimes transaction for options of shooting going on the whole weekend.

The latter type of options that offers our broker - is the so-called range of options - "hit" or "miss» («hit» or «miss»). The use of this type of option allows investors to achieve some gains, when the main trading instrument reaches ("hit"), or does not reach ("Miss") of a certain range for a certain period of time. The procedure for this type of options trading is simple and straightforward, as in the option trading "call" or "put". Some brokers allow traders to define (describe) a clear range in achieving (or not achieving) of which the trader is interested. That is, directly on the broker you can calculate the amount of profit by setting the parameters defined, the chosen transaction.

All of the above types of options trading is by using certain trading strategies, which did not difficult to follow.