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could refer to a fixed value of an asset or nothing at all. The two types of Binary options fall under the following categories. One of them is the cash-or-nothing binary option that pays a fixed cash amount when the strike price of the option falls below the underlying asset’s market price. The asset-or-nothing binary option reimburses the underlying security value. Because there are only two possible results, they refer to these as binary options. Some call them all-or-nothing options, while those who trade in interest rate and Forex call them digital options. While dealing on the American stock exchange they call it fixed return options. However, most binary options are the European options.

In trading terms, binary options represent a choice of a “put” or “call” on the stock or currency movement. Here “put” means that you bet on a downward trend, while “call,” indicates that you are betting on a rising trend. These two constitute the two options that we call binary.  These binary options are not a new phenomena; they have existed for years. You can apply binary options as a form of trading in stocks, futures, commodities, or Forex currencies.

The Legality

However, all those in the US must understand that no binary trading company can ask for business from private investors if they are not registered with the Commodities Futures Trading Commission, who is the sole regulator in this matter. Without regulation in the US, these trading companies cannot solicit business. As an aspiring investor, you would do well to check on the real authenticity of the trader and the truth about his registration by calling the US regulator’s office at 1-866-366-2382 before you put in your money.  

The Signals

Many traders aspire to find out the best binary options signal for simple and facile services. Mostly, they depend on the services of a binary options broker, follow their operations live on the computer, and make similar moves to make profits on the trade. Sometimes, the strategies may appear a little confusing, but it would do you well to follow the binary option trading signals as in the Forex to identify the best signals. Therefore, the trader’s best bet is to search and find a very good binary option trading signals service provider  that not only has a good record of past performances, but also has a good reputation for providing reliable alerts. The best way of searching for a good provider is on the Internet, and verifying their antecedents by reading customer reviews and testimonials about them. Make sure not to avoid the paid ads that may throw up many creative services that can offer remarkable live trading signals.

Benefits of binary options signals live

The benefits of trading binary options signals live are manifold

You can literally look live over the shoulders if a binary options trader and make the right moves at the proper time.

You also learn and try to earn at the same time.

Some traders will offer you one trading session every day 

Some people see profits averaging up to 85 % during a single day

The process of trading binary option signals is transparent

Those with mobile apps can watch the live action on the phone.

PC downloads are not necessary as the trading is live.

You can expect about 4-5 signals a day, that will leave you with sufficient earnings.

The system has an easy interface, and it reported an average profit of around 74 % in the year 2012.

In all this, you must remember that a professional trader can follow the vicissitudes of the market within his framework and use the bottom up, top down perspectives for a successful live trading


Following binary options based on live signal can drive greater success if you have a good alert provider who can offer reliable alerts in time.