Markets Today :

  • EUR/USD1.0683 (-0.7682%)
  • EUR/JPY119.4020 (-0.0954%)
  • GBP/USD1.2471 (+0.2613%)
  • AUD/USD0.7649 (-0.2647%)
  • USD/CAD1.3337 (+0.0765%)
  • USD/CHF1.0006 (+0.4598%)
  • USD/CNY6.8869 (-0.0435%)
  • NZD/USD0.7003 (-0.5199%)
Countdown for the NFP has started

The announcement usually comes with big impacts on currencies, commodities and stocks movements.

Here's what Wall Street is expecting for tomorrow’s report:

1. Jobs added: +171,000

2. Unemployment rate: 4.9%

3. Average hourly earnings month-on-month: +0.2%

If we’ll see a strong report, it’s very likely that the USD will go higher against other major currencies, as the chance for another rate hike this year will grow higher.

We at Signals Binary are closely monitoring the report, just follow our signals and trade accordingly.

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Signals Binary staff.

Author: Roger Gain
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